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Roof & Ceiling Insulation

Man Installing Ceiling Insulation In WhangareiRoof and ceiling insulation is the most important part of insulating your home. Because heat rises, if your roof isn’t insulated, you can lose nearly half of your home heating through your ceiling. This results in higher power, gas, and firewood bills and your home will feel much colder and damper than it should be for the money you are spending heating it.

Natural Insulation has a range of ceiling insulation products to suit you.

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Retrofit Roof & Ceiling Insulation

Many older houses were built without ceiling insulation batts of any kind.  Our insulation installers can climb up into your roof space and place ceiling insulation to cover your entire house within only a few hours. Often, these homes also suffer from dampness due to a lack of building paper under the roofing iron. If you are considering re-roofing, then it is definitely worth adding insulation at the same time. If your roof is still in good condition, adding ceiling insulation can make a huge difference to the warmth and dryness of your house.

What sort of ceiling insulation should I get?

Because the quality and thickness of the ceiling batts directly relate to increased warmth and cost savings, it is better to choose a good quality product that has the best R-rating you can afford. A cheaper product will not be as thick or retain as much heat. The longer you live in the home, the greater your power savings will be. You will also find that the warmer and dryer your home is, the better the health of yourself and your loved ones will be.

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