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Greater Wellington Regional Council Heat Smart Programme

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GW) is offering you an alternative to purchase insulation and/or clean heat. It is offered to all ratepayers in conjunction with the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart Programme.

Do I qualify for the programme?

To be eligible for this financial assistance you must be a ratepayer and be up-to-date with rate payments. As well, you must have a house built prior to 2000 and be receiving an ENERGYWISE subsidy.

What are the details of the programme?

Ratepayers can apply for up to $2600 (including GST) towards an approved Heat Smart solution. This is paid back with interest over 9 years through your property’s rates. The interest rate will be set at 7% for this first year. Thereafter it is subject to change.

If, after the ENERGYWISE subsidy and GW assistance, there is still an amount owing, this is your responsibility.

How can I participate in the programme?

To take advantage of this offer, contact Natural Insulation for a FREE home insulation assessment of your home’s insulation and heating. The assessor will confirm the level of funding you qualify for from both the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart Programme and the GW Regional Council’s funding assistance programme.