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GreenChoice Ventilation

home ventilation systemsGreenChoice Ventilation ventilates buildings in all seasons, continuously cycling to provide fresh, healthy air at the best temperature for the season.

For every cubic metre of fresh, dry air introduced into your house a cubic metre of moist stale air is forced out. With the GreenChoice Ventilation system, the air in your house is completely changed 3 ½ times every hour.

The system comes with an intelligent, digital control system that has three modes: Winter, summer and manual. It automatically selects the optimal air intake option for your home. A thermostat controls fan speed through accurate reading of the roof temperature. So, if the house is 17º and the roof is 21° it will introduce heat into the house.

With 99% of the system hidden in the ceiling cavity, you won’t even know it is there. All you will see are unobtrusive and attractive air outlets in the ceilings of each room. And you won’t hear much thanks to the whisper-quiet technology.

GreenChoice Ventilation uses superior, medical grade F7 filters which trap approximately 90% of .4 micron particles including pollens, dust, mould spores and allergens. The filters last for 12 months and GreenChoice Ventilation offers an annual filter replacement service to ensure your system continues to work at its optimum level.

Installed by qualified contractors who are electrically certified, GreenChoice Ventilation is a popular choice for both new and existing homes. The system takes about three hours to install and comes with a 12-month warranty.

GreenChoice Ventilation Properties

Approximately 99% of the GreenChoice Ventilation system is hidden in the ceiling cavity. With built-in whisper technology the system is quiet and unobtrusive.

A GreenChoice Ventilation system can be designed to suit the needs and size of individual homes. One system is adequate for a 180m2 or 432 m3 house but bigger homes require additional units. A four-outlet system is sufficient for a typical three-bedroom house.

GreenChoice Ventilation:

  • Creates a fresh, dry home environment
  • Generates even, comfortable temperatures throughout your home all year round
  • Filters toxins, dust, odours, moisture and mould from the air
  • Removes hidden damp from windows, walls, bedding, wardrobes and furnishings
  • Eliminates growth of mould and mildew
  • Removes the environment dust mites love
  • Contributes to the well-being of asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory illness in the home
  • Makes your house easier and cheaper to heat
  • Works quietly and efficiently
  • Is simple to use.