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Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s Heat Smart Programme

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s Heat Smart funding assistance programme assists ratepayers with the cost of fitting ceiling and underfloor insulation and replacing non-compliant burners and open fires.

Insulation funding is open to homeowners with properties built before 2000 and options include a non-repayable grant or a loan which is repaid through the property’s rates over 10 years. Heat Smart Hawke’s Bay funding assistance is over and above that available through Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart Programme grants.

Do I qualify for the programme?

All homeowners in the council area qualify for assistance with the cost of insulation as this must be completed before clean heat can be installed.

Replacing an existing non-compliant wood burner or open fire within the Hastings or Napier airshed qualifies homeowners earning under $100,000 per year for Regional Council clean heat funding. Natural Insulation will direct you on the best clean heat option for your home and ensure any replacement burner meets the emission ratings for each airshed.

What are the details of the programme?

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s Heat Smart funding assistance programme offers homeowners an additional one-off grant or top up loan to be repaid over 10 years through the property’s rates. One Regional Council non-repayable grant or loan is allowed per household.

The value of the loan, interest and fees is repaid over a 10 year period through your property’s rates; all figures include GST.

How can I participate in the programme?

All you need to do is to contact Natural Insulation for a FREE home insulation assessment of your home’s insulation and heating. The assessor will confirm the level of funding you qualify for from both the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart Programme and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s funding assistance programme.