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Rental Property Insulation for Landlords

Landlords rental property Insulation For Homes In New Zealand

Insulation For Homes In New Zealand is crucial as many older homes had no insulation at all!

Tenants are no longer simply looking for a well-presented property. Many are now more focused on finding a property that is well-insulated and heated because of the flow-on effects in terms of heating bills and health costs. According to some landlords and property managers, poorly or non-insulated homes are remaining empty longer than efficiently insulated homes.

Tenants in energy efficient homes are healthier and have reduced power bills. This means they are more content to stay in the rented property for longer.

Efficient Insulation, ventilation and clean heating add value to the rental property, increasing its market value. As well, costs related to mould, dampness and mildew will be reduced or eliminated completely.

Landlords are required to provide better insulation than in the past. Contact us to find out what insulation requirements are for your rental property.

How can Natural Insulation help?

Natural Insulation can help landlords and property managers maximize energy use in their properties by addressing insulation and clean heating issues.

Here’s what Clayton Cosgrove, former Minister for Building and Construction has to say: The government is keen to support responsible landlords to improve the quality of our housing stock…Not only is this the right thing to do economically as you will add amenity value to your home, but providing a warmer, dryer healthier home is the right thing to do for your tenants. Read more.

How can I find out more?

If you wish to find out more about improving the energy efficiency of your properties, contact Natural Insulation NOW.