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Bad Insulation: What are the consequences?

bad insulation

Bad insulation can affect your health and your comfort

Is your home insulation inefficient? Perhaps your home was insulated years ago and the insulation has settled, no longer meeting thickness requirements. Maybe the insulation simply wasn’t that efficient in the first place and is having no effect. Either way, if you don’t remedy this bad insulation situation, you will be severely disadvantaged.

It’s a well-known fact that cold homes are unhealthy homes. If a house is cold for long periods of time condensation, damp and mould growth may develop. These can lead to an increased frequency of colds, flus, other respiratory infections, allergies and skin conditions requiring sick leave from work or school, increased visits to doctors and increased use of pharmaceutical treatments. Some of these conditions can lead to more severe illnesses like asthma and pneumonia.

In short, bad insulation can mean that your health bill is higher than it should be and your health is unnecessarily compromised. And then there are the higher than necessary fuel costs as you try to heat your home during colder weather.

Heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average home but poor insulation and air leakage simply waste energy.

Your home is difficult to heat properly without using large amounts of electricity, gas or wood because the heat generated simply escapes through inadequately insulated ceilings, floors or walls. A properly insulated home warms up quickly and retains the heat, saving energy. This is reflected in reduced fuel costs.

And it helps the country, too. Energy efficiency of consumers leads to less of a drain on New Zealand’s energy resources. Efficient and sufficient insulation in your home will contribute to our country’s energy conservation.

Bad insulation compromises your health, wastes money and wastes our country’s limited fuel resources. Good insulation provides comfort and improves household energy efficiency. It also provides tangible health benefits, especially for those with respiratory conditions.

So, it makes sense to ask Natural Insulation to check your home insulation today. A representative can visit your home and assess the levels of existing insulation and make recommendations for improving your insulation. The home assessment is free of charge.

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