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How We Assess a Home for Insulation

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A no-obligation home insulation assessment is a great place to start

A no-obligation Home Insulation Assessment is conducted by a professional and experienced Natural Insulation assessor at your home or rental property. The assessor has two main aims. The first is to review the existing insulation in your home, including ceiling, wall and underfloor. The second aim is all about making recommendations regarding the best options for your home and your budget.

Energy Efficiency Rating

When an assessor first arrives, they will complete an Energy Efficiency Rating of your home with you. This entails reviewing the overall energy efficiency of your home by rating, among other things, your existing home insulation. Particular attention is made to the thickness and condition of any existing insulation, the position of down lights, flues and chimneys in ceilings and water leakage into roof spaces. The assessor will also rate accessibility of the area to be insulated.

Once the rating is completed, the assessor will discuss insulation options with you and provide information about a range of products including natural materials like GreenChoice, a loose-fill cellulose insulation, and other products like fibreglass and wool insulation.

Home Insulation NZ Subsidy

Payment options are also discussed. You may qualify for a Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart subsidy if your home or rental property was built prior to 2000. This entitles you to a subsidy of 33% of the total cost of insulation up to a maximum of $1,300. You may be eligible for finding assistance from your local council. Some councils offer loans which are paid back with interest through your property’s rates. If you need further financial assistance, the assessor can arrange that for you, too.

Once all of your questions are answered, a home insulation quote will be provided. You may wish to sign up immediately but if you want to think about it, the assessor can leave the quote with you and you can phone or email an order at a later date.

Either way, once you’ve signed on the dotted line, you’ll be mere weeks away from having a warmer, more comfortable home. To book a no-obligation Home Assessment, do it online or contact Natural Insulation on 0800 628 222.

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