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What You Don’t Know About Home Insulation Could Hurt Your Home

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Do you know enough to make the right choices for home insulation?

All homes have a common element that gives home owners necessities like shelter and protection. A misunderstood element in many homes is the different types home insulation and the benefits received.

The natural flow of air inside of your home is dissipated mostly through your roof and installed vents. The right home insulation can help make your summers cooler and winters much warmer without an expensive home remodel.

The Various Types of Home Insulation

Selecting the right type of insulation for each room in your home is crucial to the results that you receive. Building codes often determine what type of insulation is best used in your home. Fibreglass home insulation was a common choice for decades in home construction. This versatile product traps air in hot and cold zones and allows the right distribution of airflow to and from your home. This product degrades slightly over time, but it still remains an effective insulation product.

Blankets of rolled insulation can include fibreglass or polyester material. Rolls can be spread in your attic, walls or underneath your flooring to provide a protective barrier against outside air. Home insulation under your floors helps keep out moisture that can be damaging to the wooden support beams that help provide structural integrity for your home. This vapour barrier helps to create more efficient use of energy in your home.

Fabricated foams and other materials are often used as home insulation. These materials offer an alternative to the traditional forms of insulation. The various panels can be attached permanently to walls, attics or under floors to create a pocket that prevents intrusions of unwanted hot or cold air during seasonal weather changes. Other types of insulation include paperboard, cardboard and certain types of plastics that can be formed around pipes or other household structures.

Technological Advancements in Home Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a modern way to apply a protective barrier to your home. This product is best applied by a professional that is trained to use it correctly. This spray foam home insulation protects against air loss in your home and increases overall energy efficiency.

Insulation For Homes In New Zealand

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