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How Home Insulation Can Save You Money

home insulation saves money

Save money on your heating bills with home insulation

Home insulation can save energy and money. By insulating your walls, floorboards and windows you can protect the environment and cut down heating bills.

Insulation for Solid and Cavity Walls

A home without sufficient insulation can lose approximately a third of its heat through its walls. Insulating cavity walls (walls made of two separate layers with a cavity between them) keeps the heat inside. Filling the gap between the two layers can help to save significant amounts of money in electricity bills. If your walls are solid, they can be insulated on the inside or the outside.

Insulation for Windows, Doors and Floorboards

Double-glazing is becoming increasingly common as homeowners have noticed how much it can reduce heat loss. Double-glazing also protects from outside noise, which makes it popular in big cities.

If your floorboards have a lot of cracks and gaps, you have probably noticed a draught under your feet. Floorboards are easy to insulate by applying sealant to cover gaps between them. Insulated floorboards can further reduce your heating costs, and they also make the house much more comfortable during the cold and windy winter months.

Loft Insulation

Around a quarter of the heat in your home can be lost through an un-insulated loft. Lofts are surprisingly easy to insulate. You can even do it yourself, especially if your loft is easily accessed and does not suffer from any major damp problems. One of the most common materials for loft insulation is mineral wool, and once you have insulated the loft it stays insulated for a minimum of 40 years.

Home Insulation & Draught Proofing

Another simple way to keep the heat inside the house is to draught-proof all your windows and doors. Many older houses lose a lot of energy through draughty window frames, but insulating your windows is very easy. Draught-proofing simply means filling in any gaps that let cold air in.

Simple and affordable home insulation strips help to reduce draughts, to make your home more comfortable and to cut down on energy costs. Remember that some rooms, such as the bathroom, need some ventilation to prevent condensation and dampness.

Types of Home Insulation