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Using Home Insulation To Soundproof Your Home

insulation to sound proof your home

Insulation can help cut out noise such as traffic or aircraft

Home insulation is not all about retaining heat and lowering energy bills. You can insulate your home to keep yourself from going insane. If you have a noisy neighbour, or live near a busy road, you will understand what we mean. Soundproofing your home is a great way to stop, or at least dampen, annoying sound from reaching the interior of your home, and vice versa.

Three Way To Use Home Insulation

There are three ways you can use home insulation to soundproof your home. The basic rule is to create a thick barrier between you and sound sources. Adding insulation materials to walls, doors, and windows will absorb noise and help keep your peace. Additionally, heavy furniture, thick window blinds, carpets, and other soft objects can help dampen or cut sound from travelling into your home.

Your first stop is to soundproof windows. This can be done by using home insulation material such as caulking or weather stripping to cover holes, gaps, or cracks surrounding your windows. Not only does this keep heated air in, it also dampens incoming sound.

You can also put up thick window blinds, which can help control the amount of sunlight coming into your home, as well as help in the soundproofing process. Finally, double-paned windows can also be used. It will also help cut heating and cooling costs.

Let the Professional Install Your Home Insulation

Moving on to walls, it is a good idea to use foam panels. They are easily incorporated into the décor and can be styled in any way you want. Make sure that you use professional help to carry this out. As it stands, putting a layer of foam or a drywall works great as home insulation and soundproofing techniques.

Doors are your final destination – replace thin doors with real wood doors, or ones that are made from denser materials. This will keep out the sound, as well as the cold, keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

Soundproofing your home is easy and inexpensive to carry out. In fact, if you have effective home insulation in place, you already have some level of soundproofed walls, doors, and windows. Simply put, soundproofing and home insulation go hand in hand in keeping you sane and comfortable.

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