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Improving Insulation in Existing Homes

improving insulation

You don’t need to renovate to look at improving insulation in your home

If you think your home is cold and you’re thinking about improving insulation, think again. Ask yourself some crucial questions; When was the insulation installed? What sort of insulation is it? How efficient is it? If you can’t answer any of these questions, you need to get someone to check your existing insulation to see how efficient it really is.

Natural Insulation staff are experts in retrofitting older homes. Retrofitting refers to installing new insulation into older homes in order to bring installation up to current requirements. Grant Thomas, Managing Director of Natural Insulation, says that many older homes have no, or very little, insulation.

It wasn’t until 1978 that the New Zealand Building Code set out a minimum standard for insulation. This was too late for homes built before that date – some 75% of current buildings.

Grant says that even if a house was built after 1978, the insulation may no longer be very efficient due to compacting or deterioration. Modern insulation is better constructed and more durable. Rigourous testing and innovative developments in the industry mean that today’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation of insulation products are far superior to those installed in the 70s.

Older, poorly insulated homes often feel cold or damp during the winter and generate huge heating bills. The health of those living in such homes can be comprised leading to regular bouts of conditions such as allergies, upper respiratory infections, colds and flus.

If this sounds like your house, then it’s time to retrofit.

Improving the warmth, comfort and dryness of your home is easily done by experts like those at Natural Insulation.

Retrofitting can be tricky due to the design of the home. However, Natural Insulation has a wide range of home insulation options to suit most houses. Their products can be installed in ceilings, walls and floors to improve insulation efficiency and make your home comfortable and warm.

Improving insulation can be done at any time, not just when you are renovating.

Call Natural Insulation to book in a no-obligation Home Assessment. The assessor will review the insulation of your existing home and make recommendations. They will also be able to advise you on any subsidies or funding available to you. If your home is built before 2000, you may be eligible for ENERGYWISE™ funding, a one-off grant of 33% off the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation up to a maximum of $1,300 (incl. GST).

To take advantage of their expertise, call Natural Insulation now, and enjoy the benefits of better insulation in your home.

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