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Insulation – Insulating the Garage of Your House

insulation-free-assessmentEffective home insulation is essential to improve the energy efficiency of your house, eliminate dampness, mould and mildew from the inside the house and protect the health of the people living in it.

Once your home has been professionally insulated, consider insulating the garage. There are a number of reasons why this is important.

The Importance of Garage Insulation

The main purpose of insulating the garage is to protect the vehicles housed inside it. Extremely low and extremely high temperatures may cause damage to the fine mechanics of vehicles. Moisture will inevitably lead to the rusting of the metal parts of your cars and any other metal tools stored in the garage. And it can easily damage the ceiling, walls and floor of the garage.

If you are often in your garage pottering about, the experience can be improved with efficient insulation, helping make the area warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

How to Go About Garage Insulation.  30 – 40% of heat is lost though the roof with 20 – 30 % lost through the walls and 10 – 15% through the floor. A minimum amount of heat loss occurs through any doors and windows. Therefore, it is best to insulate ceilings, walls and the underfloor of the garage if you can.

If you have a limited budget, focus first on the areas from which the most heat is lost. These are the ceilings and walls. In general, it is best to install insulation before constructing the garage, but there are various materials which can be installed afterwards.

Garage Insulation Materials

Loose-fill Insulation is a popular choice and includes GreenChoice, fibreglass, or rock wool in the form of loose fibres or fibre pellets that are blown in using specialised equipment, usually by professional installers. This form of insulation can be used in ceilings. It is also appropriate for irregularly shaped areas and for filling in around obstructions. GreenChoice and fibreglass fibres can also be sprayed in the open wall cavities of a new garage.  GreenChoice is made from cellulose or recycled paper so it is environmentally friendly. Cellulose is currently one of the most widely used materials for insulating homes and garages throughout the world.

Some insulation comes in the form of Batts, biscuits, rolls or blankets. These are flexible products and may be made out of fibreglass, polyester, or rock wool. They are available in widths suited to standard spacings of wall studs, ceiling or floor joists.

Rigid Insulation is made from fibrous materials or plastic foams and is produced in board-like forms and moulded pipe coverings. These provide full coverage with few heat loss paths and are often able to provide a greater R-value where space is limited.

Do not wait to install garage insulation. It will protect your precious cars and tools and make the experience of working in your garage more pleasurable.

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