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Natural Insulation Tips To Avoid Disasters In Basement Insulation

Basement insulation

Basement insulation can make your rumpus room warm and inviting again!

Basements are cold and dark and most home owners avoid them at all costs. The heat from your home can be lost through lack of basement insulation and in turn make your energy bills rise.

The basement is much colder and has higher moisture content and thus any heat on the floor is quickly absorbed and lost between the house floor and the basement floor. The answer to basement heat loss is natural insulation.

However, many people carry out a shoddy installation that they find themselves having to redo it a year or two after it was done.

Natural Insulation: Find an Expert

Trying to insulate the basement on your own is not recommended. You should find an experienced contractor to do the insulation. The rules that apply in insulating other parts of the home may not apply to the basement due to its unique position.

For example, during summer, moisture can seep through the walls and be absorbed by the insulation. The result will be formation of a cold wall that can lead to rot, mold or reduced performance of the insulation.

An experienced contractor is your best choice to getting the basement insulated in the correct manner. Ideally, get a local contractor who understands the climate of your area. This can make a difference. Getting just any contractor may make you to spend more than is necessary. For example, fiber glass insulation is usually avoided in basements because it is porous. Instead, Closed-cell foam is used more often.

Natural Insulation: Ceiling vs. Wall Insulation

When you want to insulate the basement, you will probably wonder whether you should insulate the basement ceiling and the basement walls. These two work differently. Insulating the ceiling prevents heat loss from your house floor to the basement while insulating the basement walls prevents heat loss from the basement to the outside.

Before you decide to insulate the basement, try patching any cracks. Heat loss through cracks is common in many homes and you can save considerable amounts of heat by simply filling up the cracks. To ensure the insulation is done right, hire a professional contractor to inspect the patching or have him do it from the start.

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