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There Is No Better Time To Optimise Your Home Insulation

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It is easy to take home insulation for granted, until you take a closer look at just how much the quality of your insulation impacts your home’s energy consumption.

The benefits of conserving energy are twofold: Not only will it help to reduce your household’s carbon footprint, in a time where the importance of energy conservation is becoming increasingly apparent; saving energy means spending less.

Properly insulating your home can, over time, help to save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs.

Home Insulation And Funding Assistance

Most individuals considering revamping their home insulation will first weigh the cost of the project against the money they will save. Often the upfront cost of upgrading or redoing even a small section of a home’s insulation can be daunting. Now however, there are several money-saving options to consider, in the form of the government’s Warm up NZ: Heat Smart Programme, as well as other funding assistance offers.

The basic offers of the Warm up NZ programme are enticing: If your home was built before the year 2000, the government will provide up to 33% of the cost of installing ceiling and under floor insulation (two of the areas in the home that are most likely to release valuable hot or cold air and subsequently hike up energy consumption).

In addition, once, or providing, adequate insulation is in place, the same programme will also contribute $500.00 towards the installation of a clean and efficient heat generator.

Home Insulation – Get Advice

The government funding programme is only one of many financial assistance programmes designed to encourage homeowners to save energy through insulation. There are multiple regional councils throughout New Zealand (such as Hawke Bay, Greater Wellington and Auckland) that have similar programmes in place.

Homeowners are not alone in seeking out these programmes either; reputable insulation experts often help to advise clients on all of their funding options, while facilitating the budgeting process by providing free quotes for the costs of products and services.

With so many support and funding assistance programmes available throughout New Zealand, now is the ideal time to consider a home insulation project. Whether your ultimate goal is to save money, or to take a step towards environmental sustainability, efficient home insulation is an excellent place to start.

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