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How to Choose the Right Insulation Company for You

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Ensure you know how to choose the right insulation company

There are so many companies offering to insulate your house and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the huge range of choices on offer. So, how do you choose the best insulation company to insulate your home?

Grant Thomas, Managing Director of Natural Insulation, says choosing the right insulation company is crucial if your insulation experience is to be a successful one.

Insulation: What To Look For

Product Choice: Does the company offer a range of products to choose from?

Product Suitability: Do the products offered suit a range of requirements, in particular your individual set of needs?

Product Supply: Can the company get product to you on time?

Information: Does the company provide sufficient information for you to make an informed choice about the insulation you need in your home?

Knowledge: Are the company representatives knowledgeable? Can they reduce technical information into comprehensible sound bites for you?

Honesty: Will the company tell you the truth about your insulation needs and not simply peddle their favourite product?

Efficiency: Does the company provide an efficient service from start to finish? You will be able to gauge this with the first point of contact you make with them, be it by phone or email, especially if they don’t respond promptly to your first point of contact.
Cost-effectiveness: Are the products reasonably priced?
Finance: Does the company have access to government subsidies and council funding option? Do they offer financial packages?
Guarantees: Will the company guarantee their products?

Natural Insulation: Ticking All The Boxes

Grant says Natural Insulation ticks all the boxes. “Don’t take my word for it,” he says, “ask any of our satisfied customers. They are our best advertising.”

Take Peter who had Natural Insulation’s GreenChoice, a natural form of insulation made from recycled newsprint, installed in his 1932 bungalow in Auckland. Peter explains that the ceiling had been installed with fibreglass insulation some ten years ago which had compacted to about half of its original thickness. Consequently, the heat loss from the house was almost as if there was no insulation at all.

Peter says, “We researched the market carefully regarding insulation products available to homeowners and after referencing material overseas and here in New Zealand, we were adamant that we wanted GreenChoice cellulose installed in the ceiling. The process from Natural Insulation giving us a quote through to having GreenChoice installed was seamless. The installers turned up on time and were great to deal with. They cleaned up after themselves. The result is one cosy house. We thoroughly recommend Natural Insulation and their team when it comes to insulation choices.”

To ensure a job well done, contact Natural Insulation today to sort out your insulation needs.

Bad Insulation: What are the consequences?

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