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Home Insulation Is Good For Your Health

Better health with home insulation

Avoid Winter coughs and colds by staying warm and dry

Do you spend your winter sniffling and coughing? Does your child’s asthma flare-up as the temperature drops? Do you swallow vitamins regularly but still get colds and sore throats?

Maybe it’s time you considered the difference home insulation would make in relation to the temperature of your home during the colder months. The World Health Organisation suggests a minimum temperature of 18º C for your home however in New Zealand the temperature of many homes is well below this recommendation over the winter months.

If your house falls into this category, it is too cold for the environmental conditions and your body has to work harder to remain warm making you susceptible to the usual winter ills and chills.

Furthermore, moisture condenses on cold surfaces such as uninsulated walls. Therefore, the house will be cold and damp.

Dampness is a health risk in itself because it can lead to mould growth. Some species of mould release potentially toxic substances that may cause adverse reactions in some people, such as those with pre-existing respiratory conditions.

The mould spores get into your lungs causing breathing problems and a higher risk of flu, pneumonia, and chest infections, as well as aggravating asthma.

In other words, draughty, cold, damp houses make us sick.

Avoid Illness with Home Insulation

The good news is that research has found that installing efficient home insulation will lead to health benefits such as reduced incidence of respiratory illness. Over 75% of New Zealand homes have inadequate home insulation in their ceilings and 70% have no underfloor insulation at all. Is your home one of these?

Natural Insulation offers a no-obligation home assessment to evaluate your existing home insulation and assess your overall insulation requirements to make your home warmer, cosier and easier to heat.

The home insulation professionals at Natural Insulation will make recommendations about the right product for your home and the right price for your budget. Their assessors will also advise you on government insulation subsidies and council funding.

With Natural Insulation’s help, you can not only reduce your heating bills, but you can also reduce your medical expenses by improving your health and that of your family members.

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