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Home Insulation – Providing a healthy home for your children

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Healthy kids stay warm and dry with good home insulation

Do you love your children? Of course you do! You probably show them your love every day in the way you tuck them into bed, or make them a healthy lunch or taxi them to after school activities. But there’s another way to show your love for your children this winter…by letting Natural Insulation turn your home into a warm, cosy and healthy environment for your kids. Not only are the home insulation products Natural Insulation uses cost-effective and of a high quality, they can also help your children remain healthy during the winter.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C in homes, and 21°C if babies live in the house. However, during a New Zealand winter, many houses fall below this minimum level. In fact, the average daily indoor temperature over winter is 16°C. This means many of our homes are cold and damp; and cold, damp homes are not healthy. And who suffers most in this scenario? The more vulnerable ones in the home – your children.

Lower indoor temperatures increase the risk of the inhabitants catching colds or suffering from recurring respiratory illnesses like coughs and bronchitis.

But the cold is not the only culprit. Dampness occurs when moisture – created by showering, cooking and even breathing – condenses on non-insulated surfaces. One of the many unpleasant side-effects of dampness in the home is the growth of mould which produces spores when it reproduces. When you inhale these spores or they drop onto your skin they may cause allergies and skin irritation, and aggravate asthma if you are susceptible to it.

What increases the cold and damp in a home? Insufficient home insulation is the main offender. Children prone to the sorts of illnesses described above will be sick more often if the home is poorly insulated, or not insulated at all. This means taking your child to the doctor or the emergency department at the hospital more often and having to buy more and more expensive prescriptions.

However, the costs are not simply financial. There may be a cost to your child’s education, too. Increased days off school mean that your child might fall behind with their studies or miss out on valuable extra-curricular activities. Their future may be affected adversely.

One of the best ways to reduce these costs and increase the health of your children is to install adequate insulation in your home. Natural Insulation can advise you on the most cost-effective way to do this for your home. Call Natural Insulation now for a no-obligation home insulation assessment and to find out if you qualify for a government subsidy for your insulation.

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