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Facts On New Zealand Home Insulation

home insulation facts

Many older homes have very poor insulation

With the ever increasing cost of energy, many families are opting for home insulation in a bid to reduce their energy bills. Apart from this, families are buying energy efficient appliances, a move that is however effective for only a fraction of the battle against high energy costs. It is estimated that the average New Zealand home uses about 50% to 70% of energy for heating or cooling.

Most homes made a few years ago are not energy efficient. Their insulation can be upgraded and in turn, the homeowners will have lower energy bills.

Home Insulation in older houses

The most poorly insulated homes are older houses. Most of them were built when heating costs were lower. Moreover, there were not many appliances that consumed energy. If you live in one of these homes, it is understandable that you would like to preserve the authenticity of the building. Insulating the home may mean significantly altering their composition and this can be costly.

Home Insulation in modern houses

Most new homes that have been built using modern technologies and are in line with modern building codes are more energy efficient. Most construction companies will only put the minimum insulation required by the law when construction the houses. Homeowners can upgrade the insulation for more energy efficiency.

Investing in Home Insulation

Investing in a home insulation is like an investment. Should you need to rent out or sell the home in future, it will fetch a higher price than a comparable home that is not insulated. To find out whether you need to upgrade your home insulation, contact Natural Insulation today.

Alternatively, inspect the attic, basement, crawlspaces and vents that cause air leaks in the house. For the walls, the energy auditor will need to carry our thermo-graphic or infrared scans to determine whether the available insulation is sufficient or will need to be upgraded.

The easiest way of reducing your yearly energy bills is by making your home more energy efficient. Home insulation is one of the ways through which you can prevent heat loss in the house.

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