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Types of Home Insulation

There are many types of home insulation

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Proper home insulation can help you save on energy costs and increase the comfort level of your home. If your home is not insulated properly, you could experience loss of hot or cool air through your walls. Sometimes, one room will be unsuitably warm while another is uncomfortably cold. If you discover an insulation problem with your home, there are several choices on the type of insulation you choose to install.

Rolled Insulation

Also known as blankets, this type of material is pre-cut and provided in rolled batts. You can install this material yourself or have a professional do it. The batts are measured to fit standard spaces found between wall and floor boards, so it is easy to install them. The only time measurements and cuts are required is when spaces are non-standard. Examples include corners and window areas.

Blown-In or Sprayed Home Insulation

One of the quickest ways to insulate an area is to blow or spray home insulation into crawl spaces, flooring or walls. This is almost always done by a professional. Material sprayed into a crawl space or attic is usually loose, while foam used in walls adheres to the building material like a bulky paint. One type of material that is often used in ceilings is sprayed on foam.

Home Insulation Types: Boards and Pipes

Insulation can also be purchased in rigid forms. Boards of insulation are commonly installed in foundation and in basement areas and they provide some of the most efficient insulation available. Homeowners can also purchase shaped insulation that can be used to encapsulate pipes, particularly around openings in outer walls where hot or cold air can seep through.

There are other types of home insulation that are less common. Home owners should understand there is no single insulation that is best for all uses. The best product choice depends on the location of the home, the size and shape of the area being insulated, the budget for an insulation project and whether the homeowners will be installing it themselves. Homeowners who are not comfortable with making a decision without expert opinion can often contact a contractor for a free quote on insulation installation.

Why Home Insulation Makes Sense