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Why Home Insulation Makes Sense

Home insulation makes sense!

Good quality home insulation has many benefits and will also warm you up!

During the winter, you’ve probably noticed an increase in your power bills. The reason is obvious – you’re using heaters and electric blankets and taking longer, hotter showers. And the worst culprit? Your electric heater, cranked up to maximum output, chewing through the power.

There’s no doubt that heating your home is a must during our cool winters but are you confident that your home insulation is efficiently keeping that heat in your home where you need it most? Or is the heat simply disappearing through poorly insulated floors, walls and ceilings leaving you shivering in your Ugg boots?

Heat moves naturally from warmer to colder areas. So, all that comforting warmth your heater is producing is always looking for a way out. The quickest escape route is through inadequately insulated ceilings, floors and walls.

Power and Money Saving Through Home Insulation

Installing adequate insulation is the single most effective action you can take to keep that warmth where it belongs – in your home. Once that happens, you won’t have to have the heaters turned up so high and you’ll notice a welcome spin-off – reduced power bills. In fact, full home insulation may lead to a 50% saving on heating requirements.

Not only will you feel warmer and save money but you’ll also experience other benefits from adequate home insulation. Insulated surfaces are warmer making it difficult for condensation to settle on them. So, the likelihood of mould and mildew forming is reduced along with associated health conditions including respiratory complaints like asthma and allergies. Of course, this may mean fewer visits to the doctor and a saving on your annual health costs.

And the benefits aren’t only seen during the winter. During the summer, all that hot air outside gravitates towards somewhere cool like the inside of your home. Correctly installed insulation of the recommended thickness will help keep the heat out of your home, making it cooler during the summer months and leaving you feeling fresher and more energetic.

Contact Natural Insulation now to organise a no-obligation home insulation assessment. The assessor will analyse your existing insulation’s efficiency and make recommendations for optimising insulation in your home.

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